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Fragrance Descriptions

Lychee & Black Tea - Refreshing and uplifting fragrance, delicate black tea with a sweet and tart lychee after note
Yuzu - Japanese Yuzu is a strong fragrance with notes of sour orange and citron, also has a soft floral after note
Coconut & Lime - Citrus and creamy base with a notes of vanilla and lemon
Mandarin & Rosemary - Citrus and herbal based, this also has hinted of lavender and cedar wood
Tangerine Rind & Lemon Myrtle - Fresh and tangy, this is a super citrus fragrance
Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot - A warm spicy, citrus and herbal base with middle notes of orange blossom and neroli
Wild Fig - Green herbal base, strong botanical and foliage fragrance
Australia - A quintessential Australian fragrance with essential notes of woody fir needle, leafy greens and bottom notes of native flora
Tobacco & Fir - A homely, earthy essence. Fiery ambers and smokey incense laying at its core and dry tobacco at the base
Patchouli & Balsam - A woody-floral fragrance with top notes of patchouli, bergamot, aniseed and rose
Seagrass & Vetiver - A rejuvenating fresh scent of fig alongside green bamboo, seagrass, orange flower and vetiver  
Burnt Ironbark Rich bark smoke top notes, with a smooth nutmeg and bush spice finish