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It's simple chemistry 

Our Story
When a love for fashion and science intertwined, the chemistry was undeniable!
This unexpected fusion 12 years ago marked the birth of 'Alchemy Produx,' 

Our Candles
Individually hand-poured, Alchemy candles find their home within chemistry glassware like beakers and conical flasks.
Each candle is meticulously made to order in our Swan Valley studio using 100% natural soy wax.
Our small batch candles are crafted with the mantra "less is more" at the core of our design philosophy.
The Alchemy team embraces the minimalist aesthetic, finding inspiration in its simplicity.

Our Mission
At Alchemy Produx, we hold a strong belief in prioritizing sustainability with the conviction that meeting present needs should never come at the expense of the future.
We prioritize minimizing waste by creating our products in small batches and consciously choosing sustainable materials.