Jaime Rovenstine

Jaime Rovenstine’s candle marks the third project in our Artist Series.


This project is with American artist Jaime Rovenstine from Kansas City, Jaime’s artwork is titled ‘Jellyfish in a Trifle’ and we have matched an exclusive fragrance called ‘Sea of Sage’ which is a blend of fresh sea salty breeze and sage.

Get to know Jamie a bit better: 

Q. Please explain the meaning behind the artwork ‘Jellyfish in a Trifle?’
The painting was inspired after a trip to the Riviera Maya and the beautiful aqua blue of the ocean in Mexico. No meaning in particular, just pure form & color!
Q. How do you take your coffee?
Black. Funnily enough, my husband is an award-winning barista, so I am spoiled by very good coffee. We are actually in the process of opening our own shop!
Q. What’s your favourite city in the world?
Oh this is difficult. I’m going to cheat and give a U.S. answer and an international answer. 🙂 Chicago and Paris.
(I studied painting in Chicago.)
Q. What’s something people don’t know about you?
I moonlight as a painter! My day job is in the Modern & Contemporary Curatorial department of the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
Q. What’s your favourite thing about being an artist?
Contributing beauty to the world. Creating tangible objects that (I hope) bring joy and hope into people’s homes and lives.


To follow Jaime, please see the below socials:

Web: http://www.jaimerovenstine.com

Instagram: @jaimerovenstine

All products are now available online through our store. As part of the project we are offering a 330g Beaker candle and a 230g Conical Flask candle.

AP xx

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